About Us

We're a digital strategy, design and development agency, providing fresh, creative, engagement and execution. We're incredibly passionate about all things digital. We offer a powerful, informed perspective built on deep experience of a broad range of successful private and public sector projects.
We combine persuasive design with service and user experience design capability, and strong systems integration and technical skills with solid business understanding. We approach our projects with Lean and Agile principles to produce the best end product with minimum waste and maximum efficiency.


Your Partners in Success.

Think of us as your Technology Brokers, your trusted advisor when it comes to anything related to technology. We help you navigate the world of technology and the opportunities that it presents.

We go beyond the traditional IT consulting paradigm. We help you develop strategies, identify opportunities, make the right choices and investments.
We endevour to bring our best understanding of the technology marketplace to each initiative and deliver innovative technology solutions with proven development practices.

Public Sector

Your Partners in Innovation

Think of us as your think tank for technology innovation and change. We provide knowledge about emerging technologies and trends, associated challenges and promises and how their use influences E-Governance, Transparency, Communication and Engagement. Our research and expertise aims to answer and identify the intended and unintended consequences to which some technology choices can lead..
We have a remarkable team of experienced specialists with vast and variable experience in conceptualizing, developing and implementing E-Gov strategies and Innovation within the Public Sector and for Non-Profit Organizations.


Our Expertise

Digital transformation is all about people. We create bold experiences that engage people and deliver better business outcomes for our clients.
We're redefining the way businesses operate – and people work and live – both today and tomorrow.
Delivering Innovative, Value-Based Technology Solutions.

Web and Mobile Applications

Application development, advanced integration architecture and interaction design to help your business stay ahead. Read More....

Technology Research and Consulting

Let us find the answers that you seek. Is migrating to the Cloud right for you? If yes then why ? We can help you make the right choices.

Digital Service Design (Web and Mobile)

Put simply, we create effective and desirable digital assetts ( Web sites, Mobile Apps) that create real value for your business. Read more to find out how we work

Information and Data Management

Best practices that ensure that data is understandable, trusted, visible, accessible, optimized for use, and interoperable.

Digital Communication Strategy

Overwhelmed with Social Media ? Let us help ensure you connect and engage with your audience to get the results you need.

Business - Technology Planning

Partner with us to navigate the sea of Technology. We demystify technology for you and help you make informed decisions.

Program and Project Management

Simply said; We excel in agile project management.
Start to Finish.

Systems Architecture and Design

Innovative and robust end-to-end solutions that integrate with your existing platforms; across devices, systems and processes.

The Team

We're a team of savvy entrepreneurs, industry experts and experienced technologists bringing years of experience to a young company. While some of us are specialists and other generalists, we all share a passion for digital strategy, design and execution. We're incredibly passionate about all things digital. More importantly we consider ourselves as your equal partners and vested in your success.
If you would like to work with any of us, please do get in touch.
  • Manvir
    Manvir Grewal
    Making things happen.
    Over 15 years of experience leading IT teams focused on delivering business value through custom application development, business intelligence, and agile transformations.
  • Astrid
    Astrid DesLandes
    Making things happen.
    Astrid DesLandes is a senior Organizational Management professional with a proven track record of successfully leading business transformations, integrating strategic planning, organizational change management, process redesign, and technology.
  • Randeep
    Randeep (Ron) Singh
    Making things happen.
    Ron "The Digital Maven" has over 25 years of experience in Digital Strategy and Development. He excels in leveraging cloud technologies to create solutions.
  • Ratika
    Ratika Mittal
    Making things happen.
    With a Master Degree in Computer Application and over 10 years of experience with development in .Net, Sharepoint and Google Search Appliance she brings a devlopment focus to the group.
  • Kerrri
    Kerri Singh
    Making things happen.
    Kerri has over 15 years of experience in Digital Design, Photographyy and Creative Endeavours. Winner of the Top Choice award and numerous recognitions her forte is design and aesthetics.
  • Blake
    Blake Kanewischer
    Making things happen.
    Blake is an operations, technology, and project management professional, with experience in both the public and private sectors. In addition to consulting, he teaches and conducts research at two post-secondary institutions.
  • Akiko
    Akiko Ishibashi
    Making things happen.
    Akiko has over 10 years of experience in UX/UI design and implementation. She is also very talented in Japanesee Caligraphy.
  • Jian
    Jian Zhang
    Making things happen.
    Jian has over 8 years of experience in Digital Design, website production and Graphic Design
  • Dean
    Dean Schuiteman
    Making things happen.
    Dean has over 30 years of expereience in Data storage and delivery management Financial systems and interface design.
  • David Wear
    David Wear
    Making things happen.
    14+ years experience as a clever, strategic, hardworking and creative conceptualist. Also a versatile, well trained, problem solver with an integrated digital marketing and business background.
  • Wes
    Wes Pohl
    Making things happen.
    A creative thinker, designer, illustrator, video editor and musician.
  • Derek
    Making things happen.
    Over 15 years of experience as a Digital Communications and UX Professional.

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    Logo Flip 2Create360 is a technology consulting company registered in Alberta. We specialize in helping businesses, government and non-profit achieve success by leveraging technology and innovation.

The 2Create360 methodology delivers the most innovative, value-centric Technology solutions. Its key strengths are extensive communications and information technology industry expertise; superior track record in consultancy and a proven track record in business and technology innovation.
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